During the concert-free Covid Pandemie I recorded two CDs. We recorded the double album “Angelis” with Wolfgang Sieber all night long in the” time-breathing” Hofkirche (Church in Lucerne) with over 44 microphones distributed in the room.


In these old rooms, the outside is not so much separate from the inside – acoustically…. That’s why we had to record at night when the city and all cars were asleep.

Although the name may suggest, the works are not only floating-airy-esoteric, but also very down-to-earth. Angelis is a dedication and means “to the angels”. Especially those angels who surround us visibly and tangibly, but whose wings are invisible. Are not our invisible wings a symbol of the essentials; for all that we enliven in our lives in a fulfilling way? This CD is available in my shop or from Wolfgang Sieber personally.

Andrea Bischoff rembrandt 1


Andrea Bischoff

i grew up in Rehetobel in Switzerland. i had my first oboe lessons with Manoutcher Sahbai. After graduating from high school, I studied in Zurich with Louise Pellerin and in Freiburg i.Br. with Heinz Holliger.

Since 1997 I am solo oboist of the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra. I am very passionate about playing in a large symphony orchestra, but also love the clarity and agility of a smaller ensemble. I always like to play in various chamber orchestras such as the Camerata Zurich or the Camerata Salzburg. As a chamber musician, I have many years of concert experience with the Heinz Holliger Trio, Trio5 (trio d’anches) and Wolfgang Sieber (organ).

I also performed as a soloist with various orchestras and dedicate myself with enthusiasm to playing on historical instruments.

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Music angel images

 For almost twenty-five years I have been the principal oboist of the wonderful Lucerne Symphony Orchestra. With my pictures I try to express what music can give us. When I listen to my colleagues, our soloists, there is a love that can hardly be described. Let’s call “it” music angels…

Music is my passion. When these magical moments happen in the orchestra, when everyone gets goose bumps and nobody knows exactly what really happened, I think that music really gives wings! A few years ago, the visible colors also grabbed me. My wonderful colleagues and all the musicians in this world who travel the “long” way from head to heart in one moment have inspired me to create these pictures.

All pictures are available on postcards. Please order directly in the shop.

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