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music angel

Music is my passion. When these magical moments happen in the orchestra, when everyone feels goose bumps, and nobody knows exactly what happened, I think that music really shares its wings!

I dedicate my pictures to my wonderful colleagues and all musicians in this world who cover the “long” way from head to heart in one moment.

I dedicate my pictures to all those angels who float around us invisibly, but also -and above all- to those who surround us visibly and tangibly, but whose wings are invisible. After all, our invisible wings are a symbol of the essentials; for all that we connect fulfillingly in our lives. We weave our soul wings with our threads of fate and feelings. Compared to the music, each note is as light as a feather. Together, individual feathers give strong wings. Individual tones combine to form a melody, just as individual events combine to form a path of life.